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Forklift Training Instruction

About this training course

By their nature forklifts are very useful machines, however they can be extremely dangerous if not maintained properly, used correctly and for the purpose for which they are designed.

By law, employers are obliged to ensure that their employees are fully trained and competent to operate forklifts whilst undertaking their duties. Furthermore written authorisation must be given for an employee to operate a forklift while carrying out their duties (as per the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the Safety, Health and Welfare (General Applications) Regulations 2007). Employees operating forklifts also have an obligation to receive adequate and appropriate training and consent.

The dangers of operating without adequate and appropriate training are not just the risk of accidents, injury or death, but also potential prosecution of both employer and employee, as well as the potential for significant financial and reputational damage.

There is an onus on every employer & employee to protect the physical, emotional, economic and social wellbeing of not just themselves but the entire workforce as well as the public. 

01. Aims

By the end of basic operating forklift skills training, the operator, whether Experienced or Novice, will have both the theoretical and practical knowledge and ability to be able to safely and accurately operate the forklift for which they have undertaken their training on.

02. Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn about all aspects of pre-use inspection, safe forklift operation & specific best practice.
Legislative responsibilities of both employers and employees.
Socio and economic outcomes of accidents & injury due to non-adherence of good practice.

03. Who Should Attend?

Any person operating a forklift during the course of their employment.
Certification should be renewed every three years.

Other important information

The length of the course depends on the experience of participants.

  • Participants should be in good health and of age (the minimum age to operate a forklift in Ireland is 16 years old).
  • A good standard of both written and verbal English is required.
  • Depending on course chosen some experience may be required.

On attendance and completion each participant will receive a certificate of `Basic operating skills training` – RTITB certification that lasts for three years (for legal compliance).