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MEWP Operation Instruction

About this training course

By their nature all Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) elevate the user to varying distances above the ground or standing area, so as to facilitate access to the work area, Unlike many other work tasks their is an increased danger by virtue of the fact that the operator is elevated above ground while undertaking the task in hand.

Unfortunately statistics show that injuries and fatalities due to falls from height are consistently amongst the highest in all workplace accidents, for all sectors. According to HSA figures, for fatalities in the workplace for 2022, approximately 11 were as a result of falls. It is therefore vital that all operators are appropriately and adequately trained for the job they are undertaking, and for the machine that they are operating.

There is both a legal and moral obligation on both employer and employee to be properly trained.

MEWP operation training

01. Aims

On completion of MEWP training, the operator should be able to safely and accurately operate the relevant machine through both theoretical and practical instruction.

02. Learning Outcomes

On completion the operator will be able to carry out a pre-use inspection check, operate safely and accurately, understand best practice, and be able to explain the socio economic consequences as a result of accidents, and will understand both the employer and employee responsibilities from a legal aspect.

03. Who Should Attend?

Any person operating a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) during the course of their work, even for short periods!
Ideally refresher training and certification should be completed every three years.

Other important information

The length of the course depends on the experience of participants.

  • Participants should be in good health and of age (minimum of 16 years of age).
  • A good standard of both written and verbal English is required.
  • Depending on course chosen some experience may be required.

On attendance and satisfactory completion each participant will receive a certificate of competence. Ideally this should be renewed every three years.